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ChromeQA Lab offers exceptional software testing services based on their Agile working model.

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Our team of software testing experts apply the agile working model to software testing and quality assurance projects. We know the shortfalls of the traditional working methodologies and how it can’t keep pace with evolving business requirements. So, to stay in line with today’s fast paced business landscape, we exercise flexibility in our working model through collaboration, and fast iteration. You can adapt to the fast-changing business requirements, and enhance software product quality faster. We will help you leverage agile methodology like SCRUM and KANBAN to better deliver testing projects on time.

Scrum Methodology

We embrace the Scrum Methodology at ChromeQA Lab where we predefine all the roles, events, and artifacts. We conduct sprints which are time-boxed iterations to help our cross-functional teams collaborate and ship software products faster. We also conduct daily standup meetings, sprint planning and review, and conduct regular inspections to promote transparency.

Kanban Methodology

Another popular methodology that we apply in our software testing projects at ChromeQA Lab includes KANBAN Methodology. It visualizes the work on a Kanban Board and helps to streamline the workflow and enhance efficiency by minimizing bottlenecks. We deploy teams on tasks based on capacity and prioritize work items using cards and sticky notes. These are called visual cues. We limit the work in progress and ensure a smooth and efficient testing workflow.

Our Agile Manifesto and Principles

The core of our Agile software testing services is our Manifesto which prioritizes the following –

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.
  • Well-functioning software over comprehensive documentation.
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.
  • Responding to a change over following a plan.

Through these values, we successfully implement our agile working principles, emphasize adaptability and self-organizing team, frequent customer involvement and deliver value in each iteration of the testing process.

Benefits of our Agile Software Testing Services

Increased Collaboration

Our agile software testing method promotes close collaboration with team members. We ensure that testers, developers, and all stakeholders are in sync to communicate better and share feedback effectively. Through this, everyone stays aligned with the testing project goals and ensure superior outcomes.

Early Feedback

We provide feedback early in the agile software testing process. Through continuous feedback cycles, we identify and address software issues to help meet end user expectations successfully. We follow this iterative process to reduce rework and improve the software quality.

Faster Time to Market

You can time your software to market faster with our agile software testing services. We create manageable increments of project deliverables to deliver value in each iteration. We empower clients to respond to market demands faster.

Adaptability to Change

We embrace change as a natural part of the testing process. Based on that, we adjust our testing strategies to accommodate rapidly evolving client requirements. This helps us to stay aligned with constantly changing business requirements.

Agile Testing Quadrants at ChromeQA Lab

We provide a comprehensive view of the testing activities in the Agile working through a four-quadrant framework –

  • Quadrant 1 includes all the tests.
  • Quadrant 2 includes business requirements validation.
  • Quadrant 3 includes evaluation of non-functional project aspects.
  • Quadrant 4 includes tests that help to explore the system issues and risks.

Overcoming Challenges in Implementing Agile Testing at ChromeQA Lab

Resource Allocation

We ensure that competent testers are available for your software testing project. We understand the requirements of successful agile software testing and always keep top experts ready for deployment.

Frequent Iterations and Shorter Release Cycles

Our testers are efficient in test planning and execution. This enables them to meet with the demanding timelines effectively for every testing project. This helps to keep the pressure of agile testing off them. As a result, they’re able to deliver to quality services despite frequent iterations and shorter release cycles.

Ensuring Test Coverage

Our testers prioritize their testing efforts and focus on critical functionalities within the agile project. This helps them ensure comprehensive test coverage even within shorter development cycles. We employ test automation and effective test case management to optimize test coverage within the time constraints.

Managing Dependencies

Our software testing team efficiently manages project dependencies between team members on time. We ensure smooth progress via the agile software testing methodology.

Software Testing Driven by TDD

We follow the TDD (Test driven Development) approach to software testing. Here we prioritize the creation of test cases before the development of automation scripts. In the TDD approach to software testing, our experts gain a thorough understanding of the planned test scenarios which leads to better quality of testing services. Through the TDT approach to software testing, our automated tests rigorously assess the software against pre-defined criteria and validate the anticipated behaviour.

Behaviour Driven Testing (BDT)

We employ BDT (Behaviour Driven Testing) as an extension of TDT (Test Driven Testing). It emphasizes on articulating user interactions and expected outcomes using a readily comprehensible language. These behavioural scenarios convert to executable test specifications and facilitate effective communication between testing teams. It also ensures precise test coverage through seamless collaboration.

Best Practices for Agile Testing at ChromeQA Lab

Test Automation

We use multiple testing tools to automate repetitive tasks in our agile software testing projects. This helps us to rapidly implement the feedback and maximize the efficiency of the testing project.

Agile Test Reporting

We keep complete track of the agile software testing process through multiple quality metrics such as test coverage, defect density and test execution status. Through this, we measure the effectiveness of the testing efforts.

Cross-functional Teams

We have cross functional teams working on all our agile software testing projects. These include developers, testers, and all other relevant stakeholders that collaborate together to foster shared responsibility and open communication.

Leveraging Test Management Tools

Our software testing team uses multiple test management tools to plan, organize and track all the testing activities. Using these tools, we do efficient test case management, test execution tracking, defect management and test reporting.

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