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Who We Are

ChromeQA Lab is one of the leading providers of high quality and reliable Software Testing Services. We specialize in assisting companies and businesses that are looking to release exceptional quality software applications into the market without any bugs. 

We have more than a decade of experience in software testing. Each of our team members have perfected the process of delivering thoroughly tested code that always meets the highest quality standards.

Here’s how we work with our clients – we work closely with them to provide customized software testing assistance that helps us deliver remarkable results. We always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. 

Our testing team delivers nothing but the best which eventually lets our clients achieve their business goals seamlessly. So, when you decide to join hands with ChromeQA Lab, you are putting your software product in the best hands possible.

Our Mission

Our Mission

At ChromeQA Lab, our mission is to help business owners detect and address critical software issues and glitches in the software products which can hamper business operations and growth. We strive to offer one of the best software testing services which are cost effective as well as timely in nature. While doing that, we uphold the highest standards of ethics and quality.

We are seasoned experts in software quality assurance and testing. Our key specialization lies in identifying glitches and bugs in your software products which can prove to be disastrous if left unresolved. Our team of software testing experts use the latest tools and technologies, and craft test suites that help us with on-point software testing of your product. 

Because of this, our clients rely on us confidently to ensure the flawless operations of their business software products.

Our Vision

At ChromeQA Lab, our vision is to be a dependable and trustworthy software testing partner for our clients. We want to be their reliable backbone. We want to help our clients pinpoint critical software issues that might prove to be roadblocks to success. 

Our software testing philosophy is the following – We ensure seamless collaboration of various software modules to help achieve desired results.

Our Vision
Customer First Approach

Customer First Approach

At ChromeQA Lab, we always ensure customer satisfaction to the fullest while delivering our software testing services. We put the needs of our clients above everything else. This wouldn’t have been possible without our highly qualified and experienced software testing team.

Our Software Testing experts have extensive knowledge and experience under their belt. This helps them in assisting clients identify and address business critical software vulnerabilities with ease. 

Not only that, but we also offer flexible engagement models to our clients that best fits their project needs.

What Sets Us Apart

10+ Years of Experience

At ChromeQA Lab, we have developed a proven approach to software testing and quality assurance through our decade long experience.

On-point Communication

We always ensure seamless communication to ensure that the development team and testing teams are always in sync.

Time Bound Results

Our Software testing team ensures speed of working because we want to deliver results on time without compromising quality.

Trained Staff

At ChromeQA Lab, we provide rigorous training to our team to help them drive innovation in our testing services. Another objective is to help the team maximize productivity and work quality.

Subject Matter Expertise

All our software testing experts are skilled professionals. So you can rest assured that your software is in the best hands.

Best Customer Support

At ChromeQA Lab, we provide exceptional customer support. This helps us ensure higher customer satisfaction and retention.

Trusted Partner for Superior Quality Software Testing Services

At ChromeQA Lab, we are completely dedicated to delivering the highest quality software testing services. Our testing professionals meet the highest quality standards and help you ensure the software’s appropriate functionality, performance and security.

We will provide you with cost effective testing solutions. Also, our team ensures effective communication and transparency. We also implement an effective feedback mechanism to help you foster growth. 

Lastly, you can take complete advantage of our multiple working models. Choose the one that best fits your requirements.

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