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    Why You Should Partner with ChromeQA Lab for Your Software Testing


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    We have a team of highly skilled and experienced software testing experts that can provide your comprehensive quality assurance services. Each of our team members is an individual contributor and will make your testing project a success.

    Client Centric Approach

    We prioritize your success through transparent relationships, and understanding your goals distinctly. Your overall satisfaction will be our top priority.

    Cutting Edge Tools

    We use the latest software testing tools and technologies to streamline the project and uncover hidden defects. We will comprehensively test your business software by effectively using testing resources for better software reliability.

    Comprehensive Testing

    We will test your software comprehensively through custom tailored strategies. We leave no room for errors. We implement context driven testing strategies that save both time and effort, and ensure best results.

    Seamless Collaboration Environment

    We encourage effective communication in our testing projects between team members and the client side. We seamlessly collaborate across time zones for effective testing partnership.

    Daily Progress Notification System

    We will provide you daily progress reports via email or other communication channel. These reports will cover comprehensive statistics and updates that will keep you in loop with the testing process and project status.

    Introducing Free Trial Services by ChromeQA Lab

    We understand how difficult it can get to find the right software testing partner for your project. Therefore, we will provide you with an exclusive opportunity to discover and experience our testing excellence before we sign any long-term partnership. It’s called the 40 to 80 Hours Free Trial Service.

    Our Free trial service is designed to help you build trust in our testing capabilities. We will demonstrate our working methodologies and how we can add value to your business through our testing expertise. So before you sign any long term contract, you will transparently know everything about how we operate and how we can be a good fit for each other.
    Start Your Software Testing Free Trial

      Quality Assurance Perfected: Discover Our Software Testing Services

      Manual Testing

      Testing Excellence, One Click at a Time!

      Automation Testing

      Smarter Testing, Superior Software.

      API Testing

      Your APIs, Our Expertise: Quality Beyond Measure

      Performance Testing

      Fueling Software Success through Performance Excellence

      Mobile Application Testing

      Testing Mobile Apps, Beyond Expectations

      Get the Best Robotics Process Automation Services with ChromeQA Lab

      We are proficient in technologies like UI PATH, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism. Our team will ensure seamless integration and flawless execution. We will help you embrace automation in your business with confidence. We will meticulously validate and optimize your RPA workflows to deliver the best efficiency in your business. We will elevate your business with the best RPA Testing Services.

      Are Your Skeptical Because of Past Software Testing Nightmares?

      If yes, then it’s time to say goodbye to those worries! We offer an 80-hours risk free trial period in which you can test our software quality assurance capabilities. You will be able to assess our testing capabilities, and how we will enable you to deliver the best experience to your end customer.

      Deep Dive into Our Software Quality Assurance Process

      We will comprehensively test your business software application through a step-by-step process. This includes validating and verifying all areas like functionalities, performance, usability, etc.

      What clients say about our Chrome QA Lab

      You Can Choose from Our Flexible Working Models

      We offer a wide range of working models which you can pick according to your business testing requirements. Each of our working models offers smooth co-operation and optimal efficiency in testing processes. 

      When you partner with ChromeQA Lab, you will gain access to a talent pool that is committed to delivering the best software testing results and level up your application. We will trim down your testing expenses and help you scale effortlessly.

      Some of Our Proud Achievements

      Silicon India

      Are You New to Software Testing? It’s always Better to Outsource

      If you are starting your software testing journey for the first time, it’s always better to outsource your requirements rather than having an in-house team. You can avail our Free Trial Service to get a better understanding of how we operate. We will build your confidence in our testing expertise that will help you make business decisions in a better way.

      Our Portfolio


      Embark on a culinary journey with our exclusive platform that ended up securing funding of $ 1M+ from Investors. Designed for individuals eager to learn from seasoned professionals skilled in crafting exquisite cuisines.

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      Experience Our Agile Software Testing Excellence

      We follow agile practices while testing your software product for key bugs and defects. This lets us stay in pace with your evolving business requirements.

      Some of our agile testing methods include SCRUM and KANBAN. We emphasize on iterative testing processes and collaborate seamlessly to help you level up your software in a shorter time span.

      Do Not Worry If You Lack an In-House Testing Team!!

      If you do not have inhouse testing experts that can help you with your quality assurance requirements, then it’s time to avail our free trial services. You will get an idea about how we work and test software products to make them bug free. You will gain confidence in our testing capabilities through this trial.
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