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Embark on a culinary journey with our exclusive platform that ended up securing funding of $ 1M+ from Investors. Designed for individuals eager to learn from seasoned professionals skilled in crafting exquisite cuisines.
Food and Restaurants

Project Summary

When it comes to Cooking enthusiasts, there are many who cherish the joys of both savouring and preparing dishes. However, some of us find ourselves needing a little extra guidance in the kitchen. This is where tutorials with comprehensive instructions come into play, and that’s exactly what Keychn offers.

About the Client

Keychn emerged as a captivating culinary venture inspired by the essence of home kitchens. The primary objective was to create an innovative platform that seamlessly connects individuals with seasoned master chefs through live video calls. The client’s vision was to offer a streamlined approach to learning through interactive cooking lessons and live classes, all led by skilled culinary experts. 

The uniqueness of Keychn lies in its ability to not only teach cooking techniques but also provide an immersive gastronomic experience. By engaging with renowned master chefs via personalized video calls, the client aimed to empower aspiring cooks to refine their skills and explore international cuisines. Keychn became a channel for culinary growth, transforming ordinary video calls into extraordinary learning opportunities.

Key Challenges and Solutions

Challenge 1 - Streamlining Image Loading for iPad & iPhone

Our Testing Approach

In the testing phase, we encountered a challenge regarding efficient image loading from the server, all while prioritizing a seamless user experience. Our testing strategy involved meticulously assessing loading times across different internet speeds. To conquer this challenge, we presented the client with insights regarding various custom image caching techniques that they could implement to optimize the retrieval and presentation of images. Simultaneously, we also helped the client in presenting insights into their device disk space management to help them ensure a harmonious balance between performance and resource usage.

Challenge 2 - Dynamic Management of Multi-Language Text

Our Testing Approach

The unique approach of housing multi-language text on the server required a comprehensive testing approach. Our aim was to validate the seamless updating of dynamic text upon user login. Through meticulous localization testing, we ensured the real-time refresh mechanism operated flawlessly, enabling hassle-free modifications of labels and messages. By accomplishing this, we empowered administrators with the ability to make content adjustments without the complexities of app version updates.

Impact on Client’s Business

Enhanced User Experience

ChromeQA Lab's testing services significantly improved KEYCHN's user experience. Users could seamlessly navigate languages, share on social media, and receive timely notifications for cooking sessions, enhancing overall satisfaction.

Increased User Engagement

Comprehensive testing by ChromeQA Lab elevated user engagement on KEYCHN. Real-time connections with chefs, seamless scheduling, and interactive features fostered a vibrant culinary community, establishing KEYCHN as a preferred platform.

Optimized Search and Discovery

ChromeQA Lab's meticulous testing streamlined recipe discovery on KEYCHN. Users could efficiently find recipes, enhancing the search experience and increasing user satisfaction.

Reliable Application Performance

ChromeQA Lab's testing identified and addressed challenges, ensuring KEYCHN's reliable performance. Insights on image loading and text management contributed to a seamless user experience, bolstering the platform's reputation.

Successful Funding and Investor Interest

ChromeQA Lab's testing ensured KEYCHN's robustness, attracting investor interest and securing over USD 1 million in funding. The platform's quality, validated by testing, positioned KEYCHN as a sound investment for past business success.

Technologies Used

Amazon S3
Core Java

The Final Outcome

ChromeQA Lab’s unwavering commitment to rigorous software testing significantly contributed to the success of the client’s platform, KEYCHN. The meticulous testing strategies played a crucial role in refining the application’s functionalities, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly culinary learning experience for the audience. 

The impact of ChromeQA Lab’s robust software testing was evident as KEYCHN captured substantial attention, ultimately securing over USD 1 million in funding from enthusiastic investors. The collaborative synergy between ChromeQA Lab and the client’s visionary goals underscores the essential role of strategic software testing to exceed expectations and achieve exceptional results. 

Additionally, ChromeQA Lab’s 80 Hours Free Trial Services provided assurance to the client regarding their texting expertise after which they went on to sign us as their full service software testing partner for KEYCHN. ChromeQA Lab remains dedicated to supporting the client’s goals and ensuring the continued success of their innovative platform through exceptional testing services.

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