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Why Choose Manual Testing Services from ChromeQA Lab

At ChromeQA Lab, we provide one of the most reliable manual software testing services to businesses. We assist clients to identify and address business-critical software bugs that can prove roadblocks to growth.

You can improve your software’s performance and reliability with our software testing services. We will highlight critical issues that could impact overall user satisfaction.  

We provide comprehensive manual software testing services for maximized software robustness. We will ensure that it’s completely error-free. You can rely on our dependable software testing expertise to have one of the most reliable software solutions for your customers.

We do manual software testing for both web and mobile applications using multiple testing tools and technologies.

Here’s Why You Should Partner with ChromeQA Lab

Human Expertise

All Our manual software testing experts have extensive domain knowledge and creativity using which they will help you uncover critical defects in your software system.

Real User Perspective

Our Manual testing experts at ChromeQA Lab mimic real user behaviour. Through this, they identify usability related issues in your software and provide insights to improve user experience.

Exploratory Testing

Our Software testing professionals perform exploratory testing that will help you discover software issues and bugs which might be overlooked by automated tests.

Ad-Hoc Testing

We perform ad-hoc tests on your software product to verify specific issues which eventually help in addressing critical problems as and when they arise.

Complex Scenarios

Through our manual testing services, we help you with complex scenarios that might be challenging to automate such as visual validation and multi-platform testing.

Unscripted Testing

Our manual testing services allow for unscripted testing where our testing professionals can easily adapt and respond to changing conditions during the testing process.

Comprehensive Testing

We pair our manual testing services with automation testing to help you identify and address gaps in the test coverage process.
Don’t allow glitches and flaws to compromise your software’s performance and user experience. Partner with ChromeQA Lab today. Deliver flawless experience to your customers.

Benefits of ChromeQA Lab’s Manual Software Testing Services

Experienced Testing Team

We have a highly experienced and reliable team of manual software testing experts that will help you identify and report critical issues in your software product. Our team ensures better test coverage which eventually leads to highly accurate test results.

Diverse Testing Experience

At ChromeQA Lab, we have manual testing professionals with a wide range of expertise. They assist clients across multiple industries using the latest testing technologies. Get custom testing strategies for your software testing requirements.

Detailed Testing Reports

At ChromeQA Lab, we create comprehensive manual software testing reports to document all the test cases, results and software bugs. Through this approach, we take care of the business-critical software issues at priority.

Seamless Collaboration & Communication

Our team of manual testing experts is always there to support you and collaborate with you. We will collaborate with you by providing time zone overlaps to ensure seamless workflow and ensure on-point communication. We move beyond the location boundaries to bring you the best manual software testing services.

Cost-effective Software Testing Services

At ChromeQA Lab, we provide cost effective manual software testing services to help you keep your cost overheads within boundaries. Not only that, but we also ensure precision testing to help you avoid rework down the line.

Multiple Working Models

ChromeQA Lab provides its customers with various options when it comes to working models. You can pick the one that best suits your requirements and project needs. Choose from a full-time dedicated resource, part-time manual testing expert, or hire professionals on a project basis. We have everything for everyone when it comes to providing the best manual software testing services.

Manual Testing Case Studies

We Provide Multiple Types of Manual Testing Services

Functional Testing

UI Testing

Regression Testing

Usability Testing

Interoperability Testing

Web App Testing

Mobile App Testing

API Testing

Performance Testing

Our Suite of Testing Tools & Platforms

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