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One of the Best Multi-level support engine for managing product sales and marketing. Flexibly designed to be suited for all industry verticals.

Project Overview

Bitesize is a professional Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that hosts web and mobile applications for businesses, with a focus on Multi-Level Marketing Companies. It empowers sales representatives by streamlining sales processes and enabling active communication with prospects, customers, and associates. Bitesize stands out through its personalized approach, adhering to social norms for meaningful customer interactions, ensuring contacts receive customized messages.

About the Client

Our esteemed client, an innovative and forward-looking organization, discovered Bitesize while seeking inventive ways to enhance their Multi-Level Marketing operations. Recognizing the need for a more efficient and personalized approach to managing sales representatives and their interactions with prospects and customers, our client embarked on a mission to stand out in their industry.

Key Challenges and Solutions

Challenge 1 - Implementing a Structured Testing Process

Our Solution

One of the primary challenges we faced from a software testing perspective was the absence of a well-defined process in the initial stages of the project. To achieve this, we organized and centralized information scattered across various communication channels into a unified system using JIRA. 

Challenge 2 - Ensuring Security and Stability through Testing

Our Solution

We identified vulnerable areas, including exposed URLs and unencrypted sensitive data within the database. Our testing efforts involved embedding secure configurations during application deployment to mitigate these vulnerabilities. Simultaneously, we advocated for the adoption of a loosely coupled, robust, and scalable architecture to enhance system stability.

Challenge 3 - Seamless Transition of Server Solutions

Our Solution

We adopted a meticulous testing strategy to minimize downtime by transferring data for each user individually as they uploaded new app versions. The focus was on identifying and addressing any potential disruptions in service, ultimately resulting in a seamless transition with minimal impact on user experience.

Challenge 4 - Ensuring System Reliability and Performance

Our Solution

We organized our testing team into two dedicated segments. One team was responsible for promptly identifying and reporting high-priority bugs in the existing system, while the second team concentrated on identifying potential issues in new features and enhancements. 

Challenge 5 - Ensuring App Functionality Across Updates

Our Solution

We approached this challenge programmatically by introducing a version identifier key within the API. This key enabled us to differentiate requests based on the app version, directing them to specific logic paths. By doing so, we ensured that the application continued to function reliably, irrespective of ongoing system updates.

Challenge 6 - Evolving Billing and Subscription Management

Our Solution

We introduced parameters within our APIs, enabling backend differentiation based on the user’s app version. This allowed us to execute distinct logic and deliver a tailored experience to users. Moreover, we transitioned from PayPal to PayPal Standard Pro and from ARB to CIM, enhancing our control over subscription management.

Challenge 7 - Lack of a Dedicated QA Team or Testing Experts

Our Solution

The client’s lack of a dedicated QA team and testing experts presented significant concerns, including potential project delays, heightened software error risks. ChromeQA Lab stepped in with a crucial solution, providing a dedicated team of experienced QA professionals. With our specialized team in place, we substantially reduced the risk of overlooking critical issues, ultimately enhancing the overall software quality.

Challenge 8 - Ensuring Software Compatibility

Our Solution

ChromeQA Lab conducted a thorough compatibility testing phase, incorporating both performance and API testing. Performance testing ensured seamless operation under varying conditions, promising a positive user experience. Simultaneously, API testing confirmed smooth interactions with external systems and services.

Impact on Client’s Business

Enhanced Process Efficiency and Organization

ChromeQA Lab's structured testing approach streamlined the testing process, reducing time-to-market.

Security and Stability Assurance

ChromeQA Lab fortified the software by addressing security vulnerabilities and advocating for a stable architecture, improving data security and system stability.

Smooth Server Migration and User Experience

ChromeQA Lab's meticulous migration testing ensured a seamless transition with minimal service disruptions, benefiting the user experience.

System Stabilization

By promptly addressing high-priority bugs, ChromeQA Lab enhanced system reliability and reduced downtime, improving operations and customer satisfaction.

Continued App Functionality Across Updates

ChromeQA Lab ensured uninterrupted application functionality, enhancing user retention and satisfaction.

Faster Time to Market:

ChromeQA Lab's services accelerated new feature releases, driving revenue growth and market expansion.

Enhanced Software Performance

Improved performance led to higher customer satisfaction, reducing acquisition costs and boosting revenue.

Business Growth

Enhanced software stability attracted investors and partners, facilitating business growth and expansion.

Technologies Used

Amazon Web Services
Objective C

The Final Outcome

The client’s willingness to adapt and their 80 Hours Free Trial Services with us were pivotal to the enduring success of their enterprise-level application. Initially uncertain about investing in quality assurance, their decision to partner with us brought about a significant transformation. Our thorough testing approach effectively tackled challenges, enhanced security, and improved system stability and efficiency, resulting in a robust platform. This led to smooth transitions, elevated system reliability, enhanced user experiences, and data-driven decision-making capabilities. 

Moving forward, the client was immensely impressed by our systematic and thorough testing approach, which highlighted our commitment to quality. This was the core reason that the client ended up assigning us with the development tasks too for this project as our technical expertise and collaborative approach seemed a perfect fit to him for his business growth plans. 

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