Case Study

School Friendzy

A five-year-long project, emerged as a winner, receiving accolades from numerous American schools

Project Summary

Introducing School Friendzy, an innovative digital education platform that rekindles the joy of learning by seamlessly blending social networking and gaming elements. Originally designed to enhance students’ understanding of mathematics, it evolved into a sophisticated educational tool, earning acclaim for its groundbreaking approach.

The School-Friendzy project boasts exceptional features, utilizing advanced network programming akin to “WhatsApp” for seamless cross-device and cross-platform communication. Users benefit from multilingual support and offline usability. Integration with the Khan Academy API enriches educational content, supported by a vibrant online tutoring community. It has gained popularity in schools, with some dedicating regular sessions to it.

Over five years, the client transformed the initial idea into a fully functional software product, with ChromeQA Lab providing comprehensive software testing and quality assurance throughout the journey. What began as a single quality assurance expert’s involvement evolved into a dedicated team of tens of software testing professionals, expanding the platform’s support from students to teachers, enhancing the overall teaching process.

About the Client

Emerging from one of the most technologically advanced countries, our esteemed client from San Diego, United States, has always harboured a deep desire to harness the incredible benefits of technology and revolutionize the global educational landscape. And thus, the concept of “School Friendzy,” originally named “Math Friendzy,” was born. 

Our client, a renowned publisher and author with a staggering record of over 4.5 million copies sold, is no stranger to the realm of digital software products. Having previously engaged in a multitude of diverse digital projects himself, they proudly possess a portfolio of several highly successful software solutions.

Key Challenges and Solutions

Challenge 1 - Ensuring Scalability

Our Solution

Our approach to addressing the scalability challenge was multifaceted. We initiated an extensive testing process aimed at adapting the application’s architecture to accommodate growth efficiently. This encompassed network testing to evaluate the performance of Erlang network components, database testing to verify the reliability of the Relational Database Service (RDS), back-end testing to assess the functionality of the Python backend, and API testing to ensure the integrity and seamless integration of PHP and Node.js APIs.

Challenge 2 - Ensuring Multi-Device and Multi-Platform Compatibility

Our Solution

To meet the unexpected requirement of multi-device and multi-platform support, our testing approach focused on verifying compatibility, functionality, and performance across various devices and platforms. We placed a strong emphasis on responsive UI testing to ensure the user interface could adapt to different platforms and devices seamlessly. Additionally, our testing efforts extended to cross-platform compatibility, involving thorough testing on iPhone, Android, and other relevant platforms.

Challenge 3 - Delivering Regular Software Version Updates to the Client

Our Solution

To address this challenge, we deployed a systematic software testing strategy. We bifurcated our entire testing team into two parts. One was responsible for overseeing the software testing and quality assurance of the existing software system, while the other testing team was responsible for ensuring quality assurance in the new software version releases. We strictly followed the Agile software testing methodology. By rigorously testing each updated version, we validated its functionality, stability, and performance while maintaining quality and effectiveness for all client presentations.

Challenge 4 - Implementing a Robust Real-Time Communication System for Chatting and Drawing

Our Solution

We evaluated the Erlang technology used by WhatsApp to check if this feature can be implemented successfully by the client’s development team. We focussed our testing efforts towards ensuring reliability, scalability, and performance of the real-time communication system by conducting load testing, stress testing, and compatibility testing. This helped our team verify its ability to handle multiple concurrent communications, such as chatting and drawing, without compromising the platform’s responsiveness.

Challenge 5 - Ensuring the Security of Personal Data

Our Solution

From the outset, data security was a top priority, and our testing strategy was designed to validate it. We tested secure communication protocols to ensure encrypted data transmission over the network and protect sensitive information from interception and unauthorized access. Additionally, we rigorously tested encryption algorithms such as MD5, along with salt, to secure stored data from unauthorized decryption. Our testing efforts extended to file transfer protocols, ensuring secure and efficient data transmission.

Challenge 6 - Providing 24x7 Support and Assistance Post Launch

Our Solution

We established dedicated teams working in shifts to provide round-the-clock software testing support, ensuring assistance was available to the client at any time. Effective communication was facilitated through various tools, allowing us to quickly identify and address software testing queries, concerns, and issues, both which possessed short-term and long-term risks. Through these strategies, our testing efforts aimed to maintain the application’s performance, promptly address user concerns, and ensure a seamless post-launch user experience.

Challenge 7 - Addressing Frequent Client Change Requests

Our Solution

In software testing, our approach to handling frequent client change requests involved prioritizing tasks based on urgency and significance. This allowed us to respond quickly to client requests, encompassing fulfilling the testing obligations. Effective communication throughout the testing process was vital for gathering information and clarifying uncertainties related to requested changes, ensuring alignment with client expectations while preserving software quality and stability. Lastly, we did comprehensive testing and regression testing to ensure we prevented any unintended issues.

Impact on Client’s Business

User Satisfaction and Retention

Rigorous testing ensured seamless features, leading to enhanced user satisfaction and prolonged user engagement, contributing to sustainable business growth.

Brand Reputation:

Comprehensive testing reduced software issues, enhancing the brand's reputation. Users were attracted to a reliable platform, increasing market presence and business success.

Competitive Advantage

Effective testing led to a unique real-time communication feature, setting the project apart in the market. This attracted more users, driving business growth.

Data Security Confidence

Rigorous testing reassured users about data security, minimizing risks and liabilities. This bolstered the business's reputation and compliance with regulations.

Client Satisfaction and Loyalty

24x7 support via efficient testing delighted clients and fostered loyalty, leading to repeat business, referrals, and a growing client base.

Efficient Change Management

Systematic testing showcased adaptability and responsiveness, attracting potential clients and establishing a reputation for client-centric practices in the market.

Technologies Used

Node JS
MD5 and Salt algorithms

The Final Outcome

From a software testing perspective, the robust testing efforts employed by the ChromeQA Lab team proved fruitful. The platform’s global recognition, awards, and prestigious feature in a Technology Seminar highlight the success achieved. With the creation of “School Friendzy,” a widely adopted software solution, the platform’s versatility enabled seamless accessibility across various devices and platforms. 

The rigorous testing and quality assurance measures undertaken by the ChromeQA Lab team ensured optimal functionality, high performance, and user satisfaction, as evident from its impressive collection of over 16 million learning resources. Initially the client was sceptical about hiring a full time Software testing team for this project, but our 80 Hours of Free Trial Services were paramount in establishing trust related to our expertise in quality assurance.

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